A RapidFire Log Splitter at 1/2 the Price? What?!

rapidfire-premier-gas-08Yep, it’s true.

Here at DR, we recently announced the newest additions to the DR line-up: two new models of the RapidFire Kinetic Log Splitter. Like the original RapidFires, these machines split at up to 6X the speed of traditional hydraulic splitters using a unique kinetic flywheel system. Plus, they start at just half the price of the originals. There has never been a better time to make a RapidFire part of your log splitting team!

When we set out to design the new RapidFire Log Splitter models, we wanted to build something that had all the most important features of the original, but was more affordable. The new Premier models still use a solid-steel flywheel system with a heavy pinion gear to store and release kinetic energy. Energy from the engine is stored in the massive flywheel (55 lbs.) and released in one powerful punch to pop logs apart in record time. With a 2.5-second cycle time – including auto-retract– they are the fastest log splitters on the market today.

rapidfire-premier-electric-shed-03There are two Premier RapidFire Kinetic Splitters now available – one with a traditional gas engine, and one with an electric motor. The electric model is particularly versatile, in that it allows you to split wood indoors or out. Both models can outsplit a 22-ton hydraulic unit – plenty of power for most homeowners!

Check them out today, and see how kinetic wood splitting could make stockpiling firewood for the winter a quicker, easier task! Want to learn more about kinetic log splitting and how the technology works? Learn more here.

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