DR Brush Mowers: Old and New

DR® Brush Mowers - Then and now

We’ve shared a lot lately about our new 2016 DR Field and Brush Mowers, but it’s nice to be reminded now and then about our “ancestors”. Here’s a letter that came in over the summer from a customer who is still mowing strong, 21 years after her purchase. More importantly, it’s a reminder to us that for every product we sell there is a customer with a story. Thanks for writing Kathryn!

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been wanting to sit down and prepare a letter to your company for a couple of years.

I am a widow, have livestock, and live at 7200 feet on the Western Slope of Colorado. My property consists of 2 acres. It’s difficult to plant and grow most pasture in this area — semi mountainous. What does grow are weeds, lots and lots, and many types. It amazes me that weeds grow anywhere, anytime, and abundantly.

My husband had the experience and knowledge to know about equipment and what products were the best. He suggested that we purchase a DR Field and Brush Mower. At that time, we had 5 acres and lived in another state. In addition, we rented more pasture that required mowing. I am the “paperwork expert” of the household. Researching and comparing prices, we settled on the best one at that time. I must state here that I felt the price was high, I’ve always prided myself on attempting to save money!

We settled on the one he wanted, and an order was placed. The machine was received and ready to go in a day or two. My husband was extremely impressed. I was also, and couldn’t believe how this machine performed. For a few years, we mowed various parts of our property and the rental pasture. Then the machine was semi-dormant.

In 2006, we moved back to Colorado. Even though we downsized, there are significant challenges in the famous Rocky Mountains! Within a year or two we used the DR a few times.

Unfortunately, in 2010, my husband passed away. I was determined to stay here. But then came the property management. Wow, did I have some surprises — mostly the darn weeds! (I hope I haven’t lost my reader yet!) In 2011, I brought out the “weed terminator” — the DR Field and Brush Mower. I am a bit older than I was when we purchased the machine, but I considered myself a tough old broad! Away I went mowing everything in sight. Then again in 2012, 2013, and 2014. I just finished mowing for this year just yesterday!

Here’s why I am writing to you. I too have to agree with what my husband believed to be the best piece of hand-operated agricultural machine he had been around. We purchased this machine in “1994”. That’s right — 21 years ago. We’ve lived in areas that were sometimes -20 to -25 in the winter, and 100 in the summer. I have to admit that my husband was a mechanic, never did anything to the machine but the required maintenance, and passed on those qualities to me. I’m positive that while my husband was alive the machine was cleaned, and maintenance performed every year, even when it wasn’t used.

I maintain it every year because there is nothing worse than having a piece of equipment that will not start after the resting time of winter, and I was taught well. Keep the equipment in good condition, and it will last a very long time. Also, I’m a bit stubborn and don’t like to ask for help, so I want my work to go smoothly when needed.

The philosophy of continued good maintenance is paramount. However, you have to start with good equipment in the beginning. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this piece of equipment. I have definitely change my mind on the I thought was expensive. Every year that I have used this machine, the first 16 years, and now constantly the last 5 years, it starts on the first or second pull. Very little choke, no sputtering, and it runs so smoothly. It is almost scary! Yes, I maintain it and winterize it, but still your product speaks for itself. The original price has returned tenfold on this investment. My husband spoke highly of the machine, and now I can appreciate his valued opinion

I hope I haven’t bored you. I wanted to let you know about your equipment and I’m proud to own and use such a phenomenal piece of equipment. Thank you!


Kathryn S.

Cedaredge, Colorado

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