DR Announces Newly Reengineered Leaf Vacs!


DR is excited to introduce a newly reengineered line of DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums!

The new line makes leaf and debris clean-up easier and more convenient than ever – especially for those with particularly large lawns and properties. They feature a unique clamshell collector design that allows for easy, one-handed dumping of collected materials. No hook-and-loop closures, buckles, or other hardware that make other systems so cumbersome – you can unload and get back to work in less than 60 seconds. With the assistance of gas springs underneath the cart-bed, the collector empties quickly and easily even at full capacity.

leafvac-clamshellJoe Perrotto, President and CEO of Country Home Products, parent company of DR Power Equipment, says of the new, reengineered line: “We essentially started from the ground up and designed a leaf vacuum to solve the common problems with the models currently available. I love the clamshell design on these new units; they’re incredibly easy to unload. And since we designed them to have maximum suction power, they leave your lawn looking really pristine.”

The new Leaf and Lawn Vacuum models use a three-pronged approach for achieving maximum suction power: powerful engines, a high-airflow impeller blade, and an optimally-sized vacuum hose. Engines as powerful as 16.96 ft-lbs (389 cc) spin a solid-steel Shark-Teeth impeller designed for maximum airflow, reducing collected leaves and other debris to a fraction of its original volume. The 8” diameter vacuum hose is ideal for concentrating the suction force while allowing plenty of space to avoid blockages. The result is airflow speeds of over 2,000 cubic feet per minute and lawns that will make the neighbors jealous.

20140508-_MG_0466_effectsOne common concern among those shopping for lawn vacuums is how to store them, since having a large collection capacity means it seemingly takes up a large amount of space in your barn, shed, or garage. The new DR line solves this problem with a modular design. The top portion of the collector unit removes easily and folds down to just 5 inches thick. The power unit can simply be rolled away, requiring minimal space. With the power unit removed, the dump bed doubles as an 800-lb. capacity utility trailer – perfect for hauling firewood, building materials, and other bulky items year-round.

The new DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum line consists of three models, all with impressive collection capacities and competition-topping engines:

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the Premier model features a 200-gallon collection capacity and a 9.59 ft-lbs/223cc engine.
  • Larger and more powerful, the Pro model features a 321-gallon collection capacity and a 13.28 ft-lbs/301cc engine.
  • For maximum power and capacity, the Pro-XL model features 321-gallon collection capacity and a 16.96 ft-lbs/389cc engine.

The new DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums are currently available for pre-order at introductory pricing, and will ship in late August 2014. So customers will have theirs on-site and ready to go just in time for fall leaf clean-up! For more information, visit DR on the web at www.drpower.com or call 1-800-687-6575.

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums


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