Can You Use a Brush Mower to Cut Grass?

FAB23If you are considering buying a brush mower (or a towable brush hog), you may be wondering about whether it can be used beyond mowing brush. Sure, its primary purpose is to mow down heavy brush and dense undergrowth, but what about plain ol’ lawn mowing? Can you use it for simply mowing large lawns? The answer is yes! A brush mower is a great tool not only for your toughest brush, but also for mowing particularly tall or wet grass.

Tall Grass

Not only can a brush mower cut grass, but in a lot of ways it can do it better than a traditional lawn mower. While a traditional lawn mower can only cut relatively short grass – usually no more than 4 inches tall – a brush mower can cut grass over 6 feet high. Perfect for meadows and lawn areas that have become overgrown with tall fescues. While a traditional lawn mower would bog down and need its bag emptied constantly doing tall grasses, a brush mower has no trouble at all.

FAB45Wet Grass

Experienced lawn mower users will be well aware that mowing wet grass is a difficult, if not impossible, task. The mower bogs down and struggles to get through wet grass. Plus, since a lawn mower blade is usually sharper than the blade of a brush mower, it is more prone to becoming dull in wet grass than a heavier brush blade. This makes a brush mower the ideal tool for wet, soggy lawns and meadows. Plus, with those big agricultural tires, sinking into wet ground is not a problem like it is with smaller lawn mower wheels. With a brush mower, there’s no need to wait until it’s dry out to get the mowing done!

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