The Best Zero Turn Mower for Versatility!

27+hp+es+new+kohler+versa+pro+z+mower-+52+in_rIf you have a large lawn with lots of obstacles (trees, shrubs, gardens, furniture, et cetera), you have probably at least thought about buying a zero turn mower. Zero turn mowers function similarly to other riding lawn mowers, but they are able to turn in a very tight circle, such that they have a zero turning radius (they are often also called Z-turns or Z-steers). This makes them ideal for mowing around trees, up close to children’s play sets, and around curvy garden borders.

And if you’re looking for the best zero turn mower for versatility, look no further than the DR Versa-Pro Z-Mower.


The Versa-Pro is the only zero turn mower that lets you ride or walk, depending on the conditions at hand. Most of the time, riding the mower will be the easiest way to get the job done. But if you want to mow under the low branches of a tree, under a swing set, or on a slope, you can simply get off the mower, swing the speed control handles back behind the seat, and push the whole mower. The changeover only takes a few seconds! When you’re through, rotate the speed control handles back in front of the seat and hop on.

VPZ0196You’ll find the walk-behind feature useful for:

  • Under low-hanging tree branches
  • On steep slopes where riding would be dangerous
  • Around ponds with sloped banks
  • Under swing sets
  • Under shrubs
  • Moving the mower around your barn, shed, or garage when not in use

You can even add the Barrow Attachment for even more versatility. This nifty accessory attaches easily to the Versa-Pro and turns it into a powered wheelbarrow. Transport anything heavy and awkward up to 500 lbs.! The barrow also gives the Versa-Pro year-round utility – transport firewood right to your door in the winter, get feed to the animals, and move gravel or rocks for landscaping projects.

Between the ability to make this mower a walk-behind or a rider as you’d like and the option to add the Barrow Attachment, the DR Versa-Pro Z-Mower is the best zero turn mower for versatility and multi-functionality.

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