6 Things You Didn’t Know Your ATV Can Do

ATVs and UTVs are terrific tools for anyone with a large property. For getting to remote areas, towing the essentials for your projects, and traversing rough terrain, an ATV is ideal. But did you know there’s even more you can do with your ATV? Put yours to work this season with DR machines designed to make the most of your all-terrain vehicle:

FAB1. Mow

Your ATV can mow down thick brush, stalky weeds, and saplings up to 2″ thick. Really. Tow a DR Field and Brush Mower behind it, and you’ll clear acres of land in no time. The DR can be towed directly behind your ATV, or offset to the left or right. And with high-performance engines up to 20 HP, a remote control that lets you control the machine as you ride, and an impressive 44″ cutting width, the DR is ready for anything.



2. Trim

If trimming is more your style, there’s an ATV solution for that, too! Tow the DR All-Terrain Trimmer Mower behind your ATV and maintain pristine fence lines, roadside ditches, and pond edges effortlessly. The DR slices through thick weeds and overgrown grasses, leaving a neatly manicured landscape in its stead. The spring-loaded trimming head deflects automatically around obstacles such as fence posts, mailboxes, trees, and more. And at a hefty 262 lbs., this model can tackle just about any terrain, including rough fields and slopes.

PGR3. Grade

Your ATV can also tow the DR Power Grader, the easiest solution for maintaining a gravel driveway or dirt road. The DR Power Grader’s carbide-tipped teeth dig deep, decompacting compacted material and redistributing it to fill in ruts and potholes and smooth out washboard. With the cordless remote control, you can even make precise adjustments to the grader’s depth, according to the conditions. There’s no need to bring in new material to fill potholes, or rake new material smooth!

ROT4. Till

You can even till your garden, food plot, or flowerbeds with your ATV! The DR Roto-Hog Power Tiller tows behind any ATV and saves you the backbreaking work of using a walk-behind rototiller. Most of the work of using a walk-behind tiller comes from actually holding the machine back as it tries to jump forward. With this tow-behind model, the heft of your ATV holds it back for you, so the tiller can till deeply (up to 7-1/2″) while you ride effortlessly. Optional accessories even turn it into an automatic spreader, hiller, or soil compactor!

TRL5. Haul

You may have used your ATV for hauling in the past, but until you’ve used the DR Versa-Trailer, you haven’t used your ATV to its fullest! The 1-ton model hauls an impressive 2,000 lbs. of just about any material, and features a boom lift for easy loading and unloading. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, this is the ultimate hauler for your heaviest loads: hay bales, rocks, logs, gravel, sand, topsoil, lumber, building materials, and more. Tandem wheels even “walk” over obstacles, so it can truly go anywhere your ATV can.

6. Transport

As a powerful vehicle with towing capabilities, your ATV is also a great way to get your tools to the parts of your property where they’re needed. Tow your log splitter out to the wood pile. Bring your wood chipper to the brush pile out back. Bring the stump grinder to the far-off stumps you’ve been meaning to get rid of. And even tow your backhoe to your worksite.

Your ATV is a powerful machine. Put it to work, and get the most out of it with machines that make use of its power.

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