The 3 Keys to Maximum Vacuum Power!

When it comes to leaf and lawn vacuuming, vacuum power is of paramount importance. We recently redesigned our Leaf and Lawn Vacs, giving them more vacuum power than ever before. We used 3 crucial components to maximize airflow:

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum features a powerful, efficient engine.1. The Most Powerful Engines

We started with engines with more torque than any other system available (16.96 ft-lbs. on the Pro-XL model). With cast-iron cylinder sleeves that reduce wear and protect against damage, commercial-grade bearings  for greater load capacity and longer engine life, and overhead valve technology for improved efficiency, these engines really are the top of the line.

The DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum's Shark Tooth Impeller increases vacuum power2. Massive Shark-TeethTM Impeller

The impeller plays a key role in the functionality of a leaf vac. It draws in air – which creates suction – and chops materials into a fine mulch. The solid-steel impeller is mounted directly to the engine shaft, creating airflow speeds of up to 90 mph. Designed with five vanes and serrated “shark teeth”, it shreds incoming material to a fine mulch that takes up much less space than the original, unshredded material. That means that you spend more time vacuuming and less time unloading.


3. Anti-Clog Air Path Improves Vacuum PowerThe DR Leaf and Lawn Vac's Mesh-Top and 8 inch intake maximize air flow.

The key to a successful vacuum system is airflow. If it sucks air in, it has to expel air out efficiently. Systems with ineffective venting systems fail because they clog easily and don’t allow enough air to pass through. We use an 8″ diameter vacuum hose, which we found to be the ideal size – larger would mean a compromise in suction, smaller would mean more blockages. Plus, the mesh top of the collector allows plenty of air to escape, while trapping debris. Together, these two elements make for a virtually clog-free system!

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuums


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