DR Power’s New ATV Attachments H.Q. is Open!

DR Power - ATV Attachments H.Q.We are excited to announce the launch of a whole new category of DR products! ATVs and UTVs are increasingly common vehicles on country properties. And DR Owners are enthusiastic users—both for recreation and work. In fact, well over half of DR owners have an ATV or UTV at home. So we thought it made good sense to expand our line of ATV towable equipment so we can provide even more ways for you to get the job done right! We call it the ATV Attachments H.Q., since no one else offers as broad a selection of ATV attachments dedicated to property care tasks.

ATV Attachments Unleashed!

Some of the gear in this new category will be familiar. We have been adding towable equipment for a number of years now. DR’s signature machines like Field and Brush Mowers, Trimmer Mowers, Power Graders, Chippers, Log Splitters, Trailers, and more.

Designed with Hobby Farms and Food Plots in Mind

Now we’ve added a collection of all new farm and hobby farm implements (cultivators, harrows, landscape rakes, and more) for serious gardeners. This type of equipment is typically sized for tractors, but many people have larger gardens, food plots and hobby farms. Now you can have same equipment without needing to own a tractor.

DR Power - ATV Attachments H.Q.


“Lots of companies carry a few ATV attachments,” says company President, Matt Bieber. “But with our existing line of truly unique tow-behind DR tools, we saw the opportunity to add to it, creating perhaps the first ever one-stop shopping experience for ATV owners.”

We plan to continue to add to this category so, if you have an idea for us, we would love to hear from you!

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